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Cacao-Maca Latte (Coffee Alternative)

Cacao-Maca Latte (Coffee Alternative)

The Coffee Alternative That Will Help You Kick Your Habit


Looking for a healthy alternative to coffee? This nutrient-rich Cacao-Maca Latte is equally as tasty and will wake you up without the pesky side effects. Say so long to that mid-day slump and try this natural substitute to start your day off right.


Mugs of cacao-maca latte (coffee alternative) on a saucer. 




Cacao-maca latte (coffee alternative) made with From Great Origins Organic Cacao Powder and topped with Organic Goji Berries.



    1. Combine the cacao, vanilla, maca, coconut oil and honey in a mug.

    2. Add coconut or almond milk to a small saucepan over medium heat and bring to the boil, stirring constantly.

    3. Carefully pour over the spices and stir to combine. Alternatively, if you have a coffee machine, heat and froth the milk, then pour over the cacao mix.

    4. Sprinkle with goji berries or cacao nibs and serve.

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